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iNeuro Software


Facial Emotion Recognition

Eye tracking

Electroencephalography (EEG)

iNeuro Software Features:

Easy Acquisition and Intuitive Analysis of Biometric Signals.

Automatic Generation of Graph and Reports.

Synchronization of

Biometric Signals.

Continuous Application Development and Cooperation with Scientific Centers and Universities.

Facial Emotion Recognition

  • Analysis of the Characteristic 120 Facial Points.
  • Automatic Recognition of Emotions: Smile, Sadness, Disgust , Surprise.
  • Mobile and Easy to Use Kinect XBOX 360 Microsoft.

Only $290


Eye Tracking

  • Analysis of Visual Engagement of Users.
  • When and Where the Respondents Looked.
  • Mobile and Easy to Use EyeTRIBE, Tobii X2.

Only $290


Electroencephalography (EEG)

  • Analysis of the Reaction of Arousal and Emotional Processes.
  • Specify the Indicators of Perception: Attention, Relaxation , etc.
  • Mobile and Easy to Use Mind Wave EEG NeuroSky, EPOC Emotive.

Only $290


How iNeuro Software Works

iNeuro Software Functionalities

  • Synchronized acquisition signals: EEG, Eye Tacking, Facial Expressions and Simultaneous Presentation of Multimedia Content.
  • Use popular devices for signal acquisition: MindWave NeuroSky, EyeTribe, Kinect3D (Emotive EPOC, Tobi Eyetracker).
  • Save Signals and Data to ASCII File. Readable format by Matlab, EEGLAB, LORETA, Bioexplorer, Bioera, Excel, etc. 
  • Automatic Method for Detecting and Removing Artifacts from EEG Signals.
  • Analysis and Data Visualization: EEG, Eye tracking Facial Expressions.
  • Analysis of Indicators: EEG: attention, meditation, etc.
  • Automatic Signal Analysis for Eye Tracking (heatmap).
  • Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions : Smile, Sadness , Surprise, Neutral face.
  • Ability to Analyze the Movie at up to 30 frames/ second. 
  • Creating markers and region of interest (ROI).
  • NEW Analysis of ROI (time and space analysis , Combination of EEG and Eye-tracking).
  • Statistical Analysis: mean, median, significance (t-test), variance.
  • Automatic Creation of Raport and Graph.
  • Ability to export Results and Charts.
  • Create Movies with Eye-Tracking Analysis.
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Our Testimonials

“We are honored to leave positive opinions of the company Neuro Innovations, who deal with the analyze of the effectiveness of advertising content using EEG and biometric methods. Durning the cooperation they demonstrated above-average commitment. Their ideas and methods deserve recognition.”

Jan Bajaska

Account Manager

Piotr Wosik

'' I fully recommend the test method of advertising content offered by Neuro Innvations. Their knowledge and experience can guarantee the highest quality of research and utility of the results.''

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